Reddish-hued fortress like the local land. Minimalist design of great beauty destined to blend into the environment.

The forest enters and peeks out from all four sides, merging with the decoration.

The table made with a huge natural trunk and aged to give it character, the design chairs with arms that provide elegance and a sober and comfortable style contrasting the rustic with the modern, the sofa with refined lines and natural tones, the replica coffee table with an iron structure that lightens the model, the Italian paintings that connect with the color of the sky and the water in the pool, carpets that give order and delimit the spaces and the lamp with a trunk collected from the sea, with a lampshade made with leaves of Palm trees that provide a funny point to the room, are the fundamental pillars to follow the impressive line of the architecture of reduction of this house.

Rooms dressed in linen, noble woods, organic carpets and unique pieces, are what determine it.

Charm, perfection, use of natural materials and a dream location in a beautiful pine forest, make this house a dream on our paradise island.

“Minimalism is not a style, it is an attitude, a way of being. It is a fundamental reaction against noise, visual noise, disorder, vulgarity” this was written by the Italian designer, Massimo Vignelli, and this is how we carry it out in our work when we propose a decoration: less is always more.