Deciding to put bush-hammered stone floors, recovered beams, the good condition of the olive oil press and face all the stone hidden under the lime, as well as the centenary trees outside served as a starting point and were some of the keys to a good restoration base, protection and definition of this spectacular Mallorcan finca, which today shines recovered and renovated with its own light.

The blinds in the color of olive leaves were chosen, the fireplaces were renovated with new innovative but integrated designs and the rooms were refined to the maximum. We take care of setting the spaces, incorporating natural pieces, with textures, soft and elegant fabrics, without ever forgetting the style, now more refined, of this house.

Organic, rounded pieces, some replicas of antiques and the best textiles helped us define it.

The sofas facing each other next to the fireplace in one of the rooms, the table made with a centenary tree, with custom glass measuring 2 meters in circumference, the fallen linen chairs as bagged armchairs and the same color as the olive leaves, (predominant color over the softness of almost all the rest of the furniture and decoration). A modern and functional kitchen and the choice of noble woods at all times, resulted in one of the most impressive houses that exist in Mallorca, and the restoration and correct choices during the process were the key point to such beauty.